Thank You For Visiting Me Here

It means the world to me that you're here. My work is a pure expression of my heart. I believe living from the heart and owning your truth is the best thing you can do for yourself and the world around you. I hope these bits of my heart feed yours.

My Story

As a kid, I grew up in a Buddhist home spending more time with monks than I did with friends. I was the kid who always sat with the new kid and spent recess with the teacher on yard duty. I was also the kid running off with the group that would cannonball off of the bleachers into the grass for fun...anyways...

As a part of my culture, I briefly ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand at 18. I eventually made my way to graduate school getting a Masters of Social Work in Clinical Mental Health where I trained to be and interned as a therapist doing 1-1 and group therapy.

I later became a Director leading a few teams in Behavioral Health Care while working on a Masters in Public Health Administration and Management. My health started to fall apart in this job as my spiritual gifts began to break open. After a series of events, including my first panic attack, life forced me to leave everything behind. I listened to the pulls of intuition and dove deep into my true path in Spirit.

My Spiritual Work

At 28, I learned a monk had attuned me to energy at about 4 years old. I realized my whole life was spent learning to connect to source as a channel, one way or another. My formal spiritual path started by learning energy work to become a Reiki Master. Then I learned I was strongly clairsentient and a channel.

I focused on these gifts and honing in on meditation (Samarpan Crown meditation). Late one night I decided to try to access the Akashic Records after months of feeling the pull. I googled the Pathway Prayer and words came flooding out of my mouth as energy filled my body. My life, my guides, and my connection to spirit continue to teach me, grow my connection, and activate & attune me to different forms of energy and different channels of connection.

What I've come to find out was that going deeper into myself grew my spiritual gifts and that growing my spiritual gifts brought me deeper into myself. It's been a process of becoming who I am truly meant to be in this life. It's been a process of overcoming myself and the story I'd developed over time.

In doing so, I've learned my greatest gifts and what I'm meant to offer the world. In doing so, I've healed and overcome my greatest wounds. And, in turn, this is what I bring to you.

I'm here to help bring you to a truer, happier, more real version of yourself. The version of you that you were always meant for. The version of you that you've always deserved.

The spirituality, the emotional healing, the insights, the mentorship...that's how we get you there.

They're tools to help you become more you.

Questions? Let Me Know!

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