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In Your Mind, I am Nothing (A Poem on God, Source, & Spirit)

poetry spirituality May 31, 2020

You ask for me to create for you,

to bring to you what you are not ready to hold.

You ask me to heal for you,

to let go of what you cannot see.

You ask me to love you,

to smile where you cannot feel.


You take, yet I give.

You deny, yet I love.

You ask, yet I show.


But still you do not believe.


When I sit inside the depths of your happiness

rooted firm in your darkness,

you push me away as I continue to share.

When I listen to whispers of your quietest thought,

you think I cannot here.


In your best you believe it is you.

In your worst you deny my presence.


In your soul, I am all. In your mind, I am nothing.


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